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This domain,, was previously used to sell replica Chanel handbags. Items like a “Chanel Classic Black Patent Leather Small Silver Chain” for $599.00, a “Chanel Classic Handbag Small Camel Caviar” also for $599.00 and a “Chanel cambon pochette” for $285.00 were sold under the tagline “you can shop with confidence knowing that authenticity is guaranteed.” But, of course, authenticity was not guaranteed as these were sellers of replica Chanel handbags, key chains and purses.

Nespanza Replica Chanel Bags

In order to prevent further illicit replica online activities of those seeking to pass off inferior goods for genuine CHANEL products, CHANEL filed a complaint with the court on January 12, 2009 against the operator of this and other websites. By June of that year, the judge in the case entered judgment in favor of CHANEL and ordered the website operator to pay CHANEL over $150,000.00 in statutory damages and fees.

In addition, the website operator was enjoined from “using any reproduction, counterfeit, copy, or colorable imitation of the CHANEL Marks in connection with the publicity, promotion, sale, or advertising of any goods sold.” Further, the domains used to sell the replica Chanel goods were ordered transferred to CHANEL so they could not be used to sell replica Chanel goods again in the future.

Clearance Price Chanel Replicas

The clearance center at offered items at a "reduced" price for replica Chanel handbags and other replica merchandise. Replica online stores may appear to offer tempting clearance deals at first. However, just because a replica item is on clearance, may not necessarily mean that the prices would be worth the price tag. Online replica Chanel dealers offer cheap clearance prices, but in order to make a profit, often the quality and value of the knockoff clearance designer handbag will probably be very regretful. Knockoff dealers are likely in it to make as much profit as possible, and it is unlikely that anything will be offered at a price which will yield little profit. Clearance priced or not, replicas are expectedly not worth your while. It is best to not be lured by replica Chanel bag clearance sales and opt for only genuine CHANEL.

Online Replica Chanel Testimonials also offered testimonials for their replica products. Generally testimonials give good reviews of the knockoff products and replica seller customer service. Unfortunately, regardless of the seemingly good ratings, online replica stores often provide low quality fakes and poor customer service. Many of the online replica dealers cut back as much as they can on product quality, packing and shipping integrity, and customer care. When you really think it through, testimonials for replicas are probably irrelevant. What matters is that fakes can often be expected to be lacking in the luxury and extravagance of authentic CHANEL.

Replicas, also known as fakes and knockoffs, are offered for sale online at discount prices, but not without without sacrificing quality. For more information on replica Chanel products offered at online outlets, visit and

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